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Dr. Jones has 12 years experience as an undergraduate music faculty member, four years as a graduate faculty member and three years as a department chair. He has assisted students in preparation and successful admission to graduate schools such as Indiana University, Eastman School of Music, SUNY, Yale University, University of Pittsburgh, Arizona State University, Westminster Choir College, and Temple University, among others.

Dr. Jones is an experienced church musician who has served in six churches of various sizes and demographics including PCA, PCUSA, United Methodist, Baptist, and Independent as organist and/or music director.

He may be hired as a consultant in a number of musical areas. Please contact him regarding fees or availability at

Types of consulting include:

  • Assistance with student preparation for graduate school entrance in piano performance, conducting, or musicology. Performance prep, aural skills, entrance exams, papers, purpose statements, resumés, repertoire lists, etc.
  • Editing of essays or writings dealing with classical music or church music
  • Evaluation of original musical compositions (serious inquiries only, please; music must be notated on paper in readable, standard Western notation)
  • Comprehensive analysis of quality of church or college/university music programs with specific suggestions for improvement
  • Review of music mission statements, music budgets or music ministry proposals
  • Advice and/or production of compact disc recordings for serious classical/traditional church musicians



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